Tours in JaisalmerTours in Jaisalmer
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Jaisalmer Sand and Dunes

Join a camel caravan that begins at Jaisalmer and traverse Rajasthan sands in style to the Khuri village, located at a distance of 42 kilometers from the main Jaisalmer City.

Famous for the Khuri sand dunes, the Khuri village accords you a warm traditional greeting and shows you all that is real and glorious about Rajasthan.

Feast your eyes on artistic fiestas that glamorize golden Jaisalmer sands with colors and ethnic charm. Colorful frescoes of animals, geometrical patterns, bird figures and other interesting patterns that adorn the mud walls of Khuri huts, create romantic vistas with their straw thatch-roofs

Stroll along the narrow Khuri mud streets, shop for indigenous crafts at the bustling village bazaars and feast on traditional home-cooked Rajasthani delicacies on your Rajasthan holiday.

Ride your camel to the Khuri sand dunes that are located at a little distance from the main village and experience the true spirit of gorgeous Jaisalmer. Set camp as dusk begins to set in and help the others in the caravan put up tents, release the camels from their loads and anchor them to a post for rest, help build a bonfire with dried twigs and sit down for a glamorous evening of cultural extravaganza under a clear starlit sky.

Enjoy soul-stirring folk dance and music performances with the Khuri sand dunes adding a quiet enigmatic quality to the entire setting.

Jaisalmer – Sam Sand Dunes

Steeped in a mellow honey colored mist, the picture pretty Sam sand dunes create enthralling and fascinating vistas.

Jaisalmer tours with Rajasthan Holiday reveals an imperial land that flourished in a waterless desert. Tours to Sam sand dunes inspire in you a feeling that worships all that is great, conquerable, magnificent and exalted.

Join a camel caravan in Jaisalmer and travel like a true Rajasthani to the breathtaking Sam dunes located at a distance of 45 kilometers from the main Jaisalmer city, in the vicinity of the Desert National Park.

Watch the winds draw patterns on the constantly shifting sand dunes and feel pure ecstasy as you gaze for miles and experience the unusual sensation of seeing golden sands join hands with clear blue skies. Dusk at Sam sand dunes leaves you with an everlasting sensation of unmatched beauty.

Camp on the Sam sand dunes for the night and treat yourself to home cooked dal batti, delicious pulses, vegetables and pickles. Drink bottled mineral water or enjoy the romantic experience of drinking out of a traditional camel leather chagal.

Spend the night under millions of twinkling stars that add a haunting quality to the vast desert expanse.