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Jaisalmer Temples

Jain Temples
Visit the Jain Temples of Jaisalmer with Rajasthan Holiday and discover a world of divine peace and tranquil comfort.

The Jain temples Jaisalmer are situated within the Jaisalmer Fort walls and are among the most interesting tourist attractions of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

There are seven Jain temples of which three are most important and are dedicated to Rikhabdevji, Paraswanathji and Sambhavnathji, the Jaisalmer Jain temples belong to the Swetambar Sect and house some of the most beautiful stone sculptures.

Each temple is dedicated to a particular Jain tirthankara. The Paraswanathji Temple is the largest and the most beautiful.

There is an emerald statue of Lord Mahavira within the Paraswanath Temple sanctum that exudes an aura of peace and tolerance.

The splendid and enormous torana or gateway that leads to the Paraswanath Temple is mesmerizing and spectacular. Admire the intricately carved lotuses on the temple domes, expressive stone sculptures and inscriptions on the temple walls.

The artistically sculpted pillars at the Rikhabdevji temple depict celestial maidens or apsaras in pleasing poses.

The ancient Jain temples of Jaisalmer were built sometime in between the 12th and 15th centuries. Constructed of yellow sandstone, these Jain temple ruins were revamped in the year 1970.

The Jaisalmer Jain temples are open for public visits from early in the morning to 12 in the afternoon. Apart from the Jain temples, another important tourist attraction that you must try and tour is the ancient library or the Gyan Bhandar that stores a large number of historical texts related to the history of the Jaisalmer Jain temples.

Jaisalmer Jain Temples have been built in the style of Dilwara temples that are considered to be one of the most important tourist attractions.

Jaisalmer – Lodurva Temples
Lodurva, located at a distance of 15-kilometers from Jaisalmer is one of the most enchanting Rajasthan tourist attractions.

There are several Jain temples at Lodurva, though the most significant are the Parswanath Temple, Rishabhnath Temple and the Sambhavnath Temple.

Available historical records indicate that Lodurva was established by Lodhra Rajputs and was later taken over by the Bhatti Rajputs who ruled supreme in the region till Rawal Jaisal established his capital in Jaisalmer.

You are bound to feel a light mystical charm that shrouds Lodurva ruins, reminiscent of its ancient glory. The Paraswanath Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in this part of Rajasthan. This massive Jain temple was reconstructed in 1615 by Seth Tharu Shah and is dedicated to Paraswanath, the 23rd Jain tirthankara.

Enter the holy sanctum through a massive and ornately carved archway or torana dwar and admire the fascinating idol of Paraswanath, sculpted flawlessly in black stone, shielded by a multi-hooded serpent.

Make a wish near the Kalpavriksha located within the Paraswanath Temple premises. The trunk and branches of this tree have been molded with eight metals and its leaves are made of pure copper. As legend goes there used to be a real sacred tree at the same spot that perished and this life size metal tree was constructed on the same spot.

The Rishabnath and Sambhavnath Temples are equally captivating and interesting.